Denham Springs Police Department


Frequently Asked Questions:

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Where do I pay traffic fines?

Traffic fines are paid at the Denham Springs City Court located at
116 North Range Avenue. Call 225-665-5505 for information.

How do I get a copy of a Police Report?
Police reports are available at the Denham Springs Police Dept. Headquarters
located at 447 Lamm St. Reports are generally available 5 to 7 business days
after the initial complaint is filed.

How do I apply to the Department?
The Denham Springs Police Deptartment is a Civil Service organization. The
hiring process is governed by the LA State Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service
Board and by the local Denham Springs Civil Service Board. To begin the application
process you must first obtain a current passing score on the State Civil Service
Entrance Police Officer Exam. (See for test dates around the State) After receiving notification of your passing test grade you must forward your application and passing score to the local Civil Service Board for consideration.The Department hires as openenings become available and maintains a list of qualified
See our employment page for more information.